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Embroidery & Digitizing:
Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other textiles with designs (or corporate logos) stitched into the garment or product with thread.
Industrial embroidery machines are driven by computers that read digitized embroidery files created by special digitizing software that recreates the client's logo or design.
Embroidery machines produce high quality, neatly stitched, mutli-coloured designs on clothing, caps & head wear, towels, bags and linen.
Pad Printing:
Pad Printing is a method of printing used for branding most corporate and promotional gifts such as plastic pens, rulers, golf balls, golf tees, mugs, memory sticks and water bottles.  In the pad printing process an image of each colour in the logo is created on a positive. The positive is then transferred onto a photo etched plate. The inked image is transferred from the 'plate' to a thick silicone pad. The silicone pad then presses down onto the item which is to be branded. Each colour in the logo is printed separately, and each colour requires a separate positive and plate to be created. Registration of colours is highly accurate and a logo with up to 4 colours can be printed with an industrial pad printing machine.
Industrial Embroidery Machine
Screen Printing:
In the Screen Printing process a screen is made up of a metal frame with fine gauze tightly stretched over the frame. The gauze is covered with a light sensitive coating into which the logo to be printed is burned. Ink is then pushed through the screen using a squeegee and only transfers onto the object where the logo was burned. Each colour in the logo requires a separate screen and each colour is printed separately.
Screen Printing is very effective for large bold logo's and branding such as printing on bags, folders, umbrellas and T shirts. Screen Printing is also more cost effective with logos's having one or two colours.
Large Format Digital Printing:
Large Format Digital Printing is a solvent based ink used to print onto various substrates up to a width of 1300 mm, for the manufacture of various printing and signage requirements, such as:
Indoor and outdoor banners and flags - pull up banners, telescopic banners, sharkfin banners, and A Frames.
Digitally printed vinyl for outdoor signs as well as motor vehicle signage.
Vinyl Stickers, Domed Stickers and Adhesive Labels.
Reprinting of photographs or images for stretch canvas or posters.
Vinyl Stickers & Domed Stickers:
Vinyl Stickers are digitally printed in full colour and then automatically cut to any of the following shapes - square, rectangle, circle, triangle etc ... or they can be cut to the outline of a particular logo.
Domed stickers can be described as adding a lens or 3D effect to a full colour sticker. The 3D effect is created by pouring a resin onto a pre-cut sticker and allowing the resin to dry.
Domed stickers can be applied to smooth and rigid surfaces or heat pressed onto fabrics. Some examples of domed stickers are golf ball markers, promotional stickers and fridge magnets.

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